Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Intricate Iron Work Embedded with crystal in Chandeliers, works a treat for home decor

Metal chandeliers can be decorated with intricate ironwork, making them as fancy as classic chandeliers featuring Swarovski Crystals, or they can be simple, without any fancy decoration, just bright, gleaming metal without a scratch. No matter what style or setting you’re trying to spruce up with a chandelier, the choice is clear—metal chandeliers provide one of the greatest varieties of color, style and d├ęcor without all of the unnecessary cost. When you’re ready to give your space a new look and feel, give a metal chandelier the chance to make your space, and your home, shine.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich And Famous To Have A Chandelier

The old-fashioned themes for metal chandeliers don’t all follow the style of palaces and high society, though. Many metal chandeliers are done in brushed metals to give them an antiqued feel and seem more like they came out of the 1800s and the Southern United States. These particular fixtures will give your home a nostalgic look and feel, akin to eras where chandeliers boasted candles instead of light bulbs and fire instead of electricity. Take yourself back in time, whilst living in the future! Chandeliers – the perfect choice for any home.

Play Around With Chandelier Finishing’s To Add A Personal Touch To Your Home

Metal chandeliers come in a variety of different finishes including bronze, brass, gold, nickel-plated, chrome and even wrought-iron. The many different designs allow you to choose from s-shaped or curved arms, right up until a criss-cross pattern. Unlike other chandeliers, metal fixtures have a solid base and axis and typically have five or more arms coming out from the base. If you are artistic minded, and like to play around with different designs, you could quite easily spruce up the room by adding different themed chandeliers. The variety of material available for chandeliers makes each one unique.

2009 Is The Year Of The Chandelier

Today’s styles of chandeliers take lighting designs a step further, offering a more modern approach to the medieval classics. While your metal chandelier will still provide class and elegance to your home, it will do it without overtly up scaling your simple room. In addition, the more modern technology allows you to have more choices, whilst giving you the ability to change your style without having to change the entire display of lighting. These new styles add a modern touch with a classic feel to your room without downplaying other features.

Giving Metal Chandeliers the Chance to Shine

If you’re looking for a chandelier that will give your home a different look, then a metal chandelier may be exactly what you’re looking for. These classy lighting fixtures provide branched lighting that provides light to your entire room and can give your home the more ancient feeling of royalty and palaces. To give your room a truly medieval feel you can purchase chandeliers with metal chains hanging from the arms and the base. Darker metals also provide a more sullen look, which can greatly enhance the effect of a room, depending on its theme.